How-to Overcome Connection And Tower in Bloons Adventure Times TD | BATTD

How-to Overcome Connection And Tower in Bloons Adventure Times TD | BATTD

Bridge and Tower are a 3-Skull chart in Bloons Adventure opportunity TD which turns out to be a little more harder than forecast for brand new users.

Connection and Tower is the basic map in Bloons Adventure Time TD with three lanes and though all three lanes stay pretty near each other, the center/bottom way ultimately ends up getting a great deal quicker as compared to various other two.

Bridge and Tower call for enough assortment to perform and will call for some extra plan, particularly if you hope to conquer the BAD by simply dealing with fictional character scratches.

Link and Tower is a map that contains 3 bloon modifiers at optimal are bloons have one additional coating, bloons move 1.5x quicker, and this also map includes zombie bloons which respawn after are conquered.

This guide can be utilized for tier trouble.


It is crucial that you push multiple ornaments into this chart that will help you conquer it all at once. Listed below are a few of my favourites:

Missiles on Finn to greatly help defeat bloons in the early online game.

Flames Crown from the fire Princess to simply help offer the girl variety.

Glasses of Nerdicon on as much figures that you can for +9 array.

Future’s Crystal is very helpful because it passively decreases the health of MOABs and BADs.

If you find yourself contemplating ideal trinkets inside video game read this blog post.


Allies commonly constantly required to defeat maps, but some makes certain maps technicians uncomplicated to manage.

Inside example of Bridge and Tower, you should make sure your allies tend to be focussed on providing you some cash movement and working with any leftover straggler bloons.

Partners should typically go last, although in some instances Lemonhope can be placed to enhance the fight increase of problems coping figures.

Apart from Lemonhope, whom should already be on the personnel, listed below are the allies you might want to ingest connection and Tower.

Generally, Moe try a reasonably pointless ally, in case he could be put into the most truly effective element of this map he is able to help to make certain that no bloons get to the termination of the map.

Consider Moe among the most effective ways to make sure that no yellow bloons break free, because during an Impoppable levels that is will be one of the most common downsides.


Same, celebration Jesus could be used to defeat straggler bloons, though he or she is more costly than Moe.


If you’re having difficulty with MOABs be sure you just take Gumbald since they can Polymorph all of them, effortlessly breathtaking them.


The image overhead may be the keeping most of my personal figures towards the end associated with games.

Notice: this doesn’t include the keeping of any partners other than COBRA since they are my personal emphasis today.

Below are a step by step tutorial about how I destination characters to beat link and Tower in Bloons Adventure energy TD.


I start every map with all the indisputable fact that i must generate just as much cash as I can through circular to fund on purchasing additional characters, especially when paths see complicated.

Whilst the chart try a rather simple map, it is fairly easy for bloons to slide by, therefore be sure just like you place personality these include since tight as they possibly can end up being along.

I always start off by putting several COBRAs to produce early-game revenue. Choices to placing COBRA is putting BMO.


I postpone on setting Princess Bubblegum because she isn’t the essential strong dynamics for the online game.

Since my personal figures all are a pretty decent degree at this time, they’re able to annihilate most bloons, regrettably as a result of length of this track often bloons sneak past my figures.

To prevent your bloon leakage make certain Princess Bubblegum has Royal Decree which supplies $750 a game and certainly will assist you to acquire as much characters as you’re able to in early game.

Often i would suggest not using regal Decree and rather having Jellybeans have actually electricity, but in this example, cash is a lot more pressing and essential.

Having as much figures as you are able to on industry will guarantee that there enough of industry is included by damage, but once again this will rely on exactly what amount your characters were and just what ornaments you have equipped.

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